Consumer Information
•  What is Skilax?

Skilax is a laxative, acts by direct contact on the intestine, thus stimulating the development of physiological function of the large intestine.  It stimulates the normal evacuation of the bowel.

•  When to take Skilax?

  • If you suffer from acute or chronic constipation.

  • If you are pregnant & suffer from constipation.
  • Before any preparation for investigational procedures, surgery or labour.

•  What sort of side effects experienced when you take Skilax?

As with most laxatives of this group, there have been occasional reports of mild abdominal discomfort.
As it is not absorbed in the circulation, it does not cause any irritation & is not habit forming.

•  Who should not take Shilax?

Skilax should not be given to patients with undiagnosed abdominal pain, or where intestinal obstruction is suspected.
As sodium picosulphate is broken down by colonic bacteria in the large intestine to the active compound, patients taking broad-spectrum antibiotics there may be some loss of laxative action.

•  Is it safe to take Skilax with other medicines?

In case of any doubt, ask your doctor or the pharmacist in the nearest pharmacy.

•  How do you take Skilax?

Skilax dosage is variable depending on the clinical case & the patient response.

5-10 drops in a single daily dose.
15-20 drops in a single daily dose, in case of acute constipation.

2-5 drops in a single daily dose, which preferably be taken before bedtime.
As Skilax is tasteless, it can be taken as it is or diluted in water, milk, juice according to the preference.

•  How Skilax is presented to you?

Skilax is available as oral aqueous solution; supplied in 15 ml self-dropper plastic bottle.

•  Where do you store Skilax?

To be stored at room temperature.