Consumer Information
•  What is Carbosylane?

Carbosylane contains 2 active ingredients with added actions to each other: activated charcoal with its well known adsorbent properties & simethicone with defoaming properties.

•  Who should take Carbosylane?

If you develop any flatulence & abdominal discomfort due to excess gastro-intestinal gas.
If you have pain due to post-operative gas.
If you got an irritable colon.

•  What sort of side effects experienced when you take Carbosylane?

Carbosylane is well tolerated.

•  Who should not take Carbosylane?

No known contraindication is reported.

•  Is it safe to take Carbosylane with other medicines?

In case of any doubt, ask your doctor or the pharmacist in the nearest pharmacy.

•  How do you take Carbosylane?

The unit of administration comprises a gastro-soluble blue capsule & a gastro-resistant red capsule.
The 2 capsules should be swallowed at the same time before or after meals.
If symptoms persist, repeat the dose.
The recommended dosage: 3 doses (pair capsules) to be taken daily before or after meals.

•  How Carbosylane is presented to you?

Carbosylane is available in the form of oral capsules; supplied in boxes of 24 pairs capsules each.  Paired capsules in heat-formed strips (one gastro-soluble blue capsule + one gastro-resistant red capsule).

•  Where do you store Carbosylane?

To be stored at room temperature away from heat.